LoRa vs Sigfox vs LTE-M

An excellent article by Nick Hunn I couldn’t have written better myself. 



A Short History of LPWAN, and Why the IoT Can’t Live Without It – TEOCO

Betting on GSMA and LoRa… 


Bluetooth 5.0 : un réseau maillé pour les entreprises IIoT

Le Bluetooth 5.0 se différencie du précédent standard par une portée améliorée (100 mètres contre 50 auparavant) et un transfert de données multiplié par huit.

Oui. Mais pas les deux en même temps !


Bluetooth Mesh launches as the ultimate Internet of Things tool

Bluetooth devices will be able to talk to each other in multiples of many to many (m:m), and not have to go via a single hub.

Once a new Bluetooth spec is released, we typically expect to see products using it within about six months. With Bluetooth mesh networking, since there is no new hardware required, we expect it to be sooner.

Calling the connectivity bluff while IoT is “crossing the chasm”

Calling the connectivity bluff while IoT is “crossing the chasm”


How to Future-Proof Your IoT Infrastructure Investment | IoT For All

Buyers are concerned that what they buy today may become functionally or technologically obsolete tomorrow. Faced with this dilemma, many defer buying even if the IoT solutions they buy today offer tremendous value to their organizations.


IoT Platform Comparison: How the 450 providers stack up – IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics believe only 7% of the 450 IoT Platform companies generated revenues in excess of $10M with their IoT Platforms in 2016. 


The Choice of IOT network – LPWAN leading the way? | Blogs

A good reminder of the basic benefits of LPWANs in IoT applications. 


Near-Zero-Power Temperature Sensing| Scientific Reports

Combined with low-energy wireless communication, this could be the start of perennial temperature tabs in walls, floors and anything else where temperature monitoring is required. 


Rethink give their no-nonsense LPWAN Revenue Forecast, 2017 to 2023

Previous forecasts have overcooked the market, predicting astronomical figures. It is clear that there is overlap between the forecasts and some double counting is going on.

LPWAN is on the verge of take-off, as cellular LPWAN technologies are introduced and will see an expansion of 45% CAGR across the next 7 years, reaching $19.1bn dollars of annual revenue in 2023.

Most of this growth will be supported by the performance of NB-IoT, LTE-M and Wi-SUN technologies. 

LoRa has seen a recent uptick, which we believe will continue, over the next 7 years. Sigfox’s trajectory remains consistent, and the technology will continue to grow at its current rate – but not accelerate.

Source :http://rethinkresearch.biz/reports/lpwan-market-forecast-2017-2023/

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