A truly interesting and promising application of LoRa with extremely cheap and low-power modulator chip. 



Beyond LPWAN? LPGAN! Iridium and IoT startup Magnitude Space working on space-based low-power global area network


The question of vulnerability and ownership of IoT products that go wrong


Should You Use Serverless Architecture for Your IoT Solution? | IoT For All

An insightful experiment to help determine when an IoT platform is cost-effective. 


Roomba vacuum maker iRobot talk of sharing home maps… 

Your autonomous vacuum cleaner maps your house very accurately. What if people could get hold of that map? 


LoRa vs Sigfox vs LTE-M

An excellent article by Nick Hunn I couldn’t have written better myself. 


A Short History of LPWAN, and Why the IoT Can’t Live Without It – TEOCO

Betting on GSMA and LoRa… 


Bluetooth 5.0 : un réseau maillé pour les entreprises IIoT

Le Bluetooth 5.0 se différencie du précédent standard par une portée améliorée (100 mètres contre 50 auparavant) et un transfert de données multiplié par huit.

Oui. Mais pas les deux en même temps !


Bluetooth Mesh launches as the ultimate Internet of Things tool

Bluetooth devices will be able to talk to each other in multiples of many to many (m:m), and not have to go via a single hub.

Once a new Bluetooth spec is released, we typically expect to see products using it within about six months. With Bluetooth mesh networking, since there is no new hardware required, we expect it to be sooner.

How to Future-Proof Your IoT Infrastructure Investment | IoT For All

Buyers are concerned that what they buy today may become functionally or technologically obsolete tomorrow. Faced with this dilemma, many defer buying even if the IoT solutions they buy today offer tremendous value to their organizations.


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