The IIoT Interview: “The market is out of whack; people have to come first”, says MESA | Enterprise IoT Insights

Mike Yost, President of the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) gives his view on why there are so few large-scale IIoT case studies.



5 Lessons from “Dot Com” for IoT entrepreneurs

5-22Dot-Com22-Lessons-for-IoT.jpgAn article worth reading every time a disruptive technology wave comes onto our shores.

RATP – véhicules autonomes expérimentés en milieu mixte

Plus de 50 000 personnes qui ont été transportées dans des véhicules autonomes utilisés par la RATP à travers cinq projets.

‘Android Things’ Emerges From Beta as Google Dives Into IoT|

A big complaint about IoT gadgets has been security.

Android Things attempts to solve this problem by off-boarding the security work to Google, which will update the gadgets’ software over the air.

Driverless cars – Should ethics or human intuition drive the moral judgments? | ScienceDaily

Traffic accidents are a major source of death and injury. Automated vehicles will outperform their human counterparts, saving lives by eliminating human error. What happens when self-driving vehicles need to make decisions in morally challenging situations, e.g. swerve to avoid a child that has run into the road but in doing so endanger other lives?

The future of enterprise IoT: 2 factors to watch | ZDNet

Only 26 percent of companies have had an Internet of Things project that they consider a success, according to research from Cisco. And, 60 percent of IoT projects currently die before even leaving the proof of concept stage.

LPWA network technologies and standards: LPWAN wireless IoT guide

This overview gives a fairly clear summary of what distinguishes the main LPWAN connectivity technologies on the market.

IoT is the only way farming will feed future generations, says Monsanto | Enterprise IoT Insights

70 per cent of all water consumption on the planet goes to agriculture – on fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals. So we need to figure out a solution that makes sure that all those inputs go down […]

MWC 2018 : 41 réseaux NB IoT et LTE M disponibles selon la GSMA

La GSMA prévoit la mise en oeuvre de 3,1 milliards de connexions IoT cellulaires d’ici à 2025 dont 1,8 milliard de connexions LTE-M et NB IoT.

The Haven application turns any Android phone into a motion, sound, vibration and light detector.

Haven, developed through a collaboration between Freedom of the Press Foundation and Guardian Project, turns any Android phone into a motion, sound, vibration and light detector.
Haven is designed for investigative journalists, human rights defenders, and people at risk of forced disappearance to create a new kind of herd immunity. By combining the array of sensors found in any smartphone, with the world’s most secure communications technologies, like Signal and Tor, Haven prevents the worst kind of people from silencing citizens without getting caught in the act.

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